App [TABLE GAME TIMER] for Board Game


A highly versatile timer developed by the board game space manager.
Google Play URL is here.
I don’t have an iPhone or MAC, so it’s an Android only release.


  • 3Modes
    “Countdown”: Countdown from the specified time for each turn.
    Familiar with Rummy Cube.
    “Count up”: Cumulative across turns.
      For those who want to pursue gameplay more severely.
    “Time limit”: The time limit set at the start of the game will be cumulatively reduced across turns.
      It is familiar with shogi and Carcassonne.
  • read aloud
    Since the player name and count up, read aloud at the specified time at count down
    You will be able to grasp the time without looking at the timer.
  • Show current player
    Clearly displays the player who currently has a turn in color.
  • Accommodates up to 8 people
    Swipe the list to the left to delete a player
    You can select whether to count by checking on the left side.
    The active check of the player who has used up the time in the allotted time system is automatically removed.
    It can be used for games with omissions.
  • Time setting for each player
    You can set the time for each player in countdown mode and time mode.
    For those who want to have a handicap.
  • Player order can be changed
    You can sort the order by sliding the right icon of the list. Even if the seating order changes, we can respond immediately.
  • You can change the end of the text read aloud
    You can change the second half of [Player Name]’s turn from the settings screen.
    It’s [player name]’s turn. etc.
  • Energy saving design
    Even if you leave the timer counting for 1 hour, only 1% of the battery will be consumed.
    And the ratio to battery consumption is 3%, so it’s almost battery consumption only with screen display.
    (Actual value on my SO-05K)
  • List contents save/load function (only one)
    The contents of the list are auto-saved when the app is closed and loaded when it starts.
  • Supports Japanese, English, German, and Israeli (Hebrew)
    It’s for board games, and it’s originally a timer for Rummy Cube, which originated in Israel, so I dealt with it.

Development cost support

I don’t want to put ads in the basic free and always displayed part
Since app development takes time and money, we accept the following development cost support.

  1. Paypal: If you have a Paypal account, you can donate any amount after tapping the link..
  2. PayPay Bank Transfer: Account Information Business Sales Department 2999784 CoLabo
  3. Purchase as a product on a mail-order site
    You can also purchase it as a product on our board game goods mail order site (link).
    You can specify the quantity for 1.5USD per item.
    You can also use it to increase your purchase amount up to the free shipping line.

If you would like to put your name or nickname on this site as an app development supporter,
please contact us from this form and we will respond.

Version history

Possible future updates

I’m thinking about the following (higher priority)

  1. Supports horizontal screen
  2. Multiple save/load support for plyaer lists
  3. tablet compatible
  4. Score/rank saving function.